Selena has been assisting her clients in purchasing, selling, and leasing properties ranging from apartments to commercial properties for over ten years. She believes that there are many ways to build wealth, but real estate might be the steadiest method and helps the client not only to buy or sell at their price but to strategize toward long-term wealth building with real estate. Her approach is deeply analytical, and she works tirelessly to ensure her clients are up to date on their property or investment.

Selena has a passion for real estate, which is apparent through her, communication skills, dedication, commitment, and warm, honest, and friendly approach toward her clients. Her biggest priority is her client's concerns, and she strives every day to exceed their expectations. She uses her valuable skills and collaborative approach to meet her client's wants, help them avoid problems, and offer solutions tailored to their unique needs with a long-term perspective during the properties' leasing, buying, and selling process.

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